I was overwhelmed with trying to train my two one-year-old German Shepherd pups by myself. If they came into the house, it was chaos. I was tired of the accidents, I was tired of the chewing & tearing things up. Living life "with them" seemed completely unattainable for our family, until we found Kendall. He took our dogs into his home for his 2 week board & train program and they came back different dogs! He even trained us how to takeover their commands, leaving us elated. They now come into our home & we all participate in life together! We can actually take them places, i.e. they are rock stars at the ball field!!! Kendall has always made himself available to answer any questions I have, work with us on any issues that may creep in, and we often use him to board when we go out of town because we love the dogs getting time with him! Best investment in our long-time furry family members!

Kimberly Thomas,