Problem Solving:
Having to deal with certain behavioral issues with your dog can be frustrating. No one enjoys having to put their dog in another room whenever having guests over. Or having to crate your dog while being at work due to fear of chewing or destruction. All of our dog obedience programs include working through each issue that your dog may have problems controlling. All behavioral problems are correctable, and we can show you how.

Check out this helpful list below! Each behavioral habit will show potential causes as well as a solution to help.

Behavioral Problems Potential Causes Proven Solutions
Digging Boredom, instincts, habit Mental stimulation, appropriate exercises, habit breaking
 Jumping  Taught to jump inadvertently, excited Re - teach appropriately, teach control
Housebreaking Not taught properly, medical Teach appropriately, diagnose and treat
Barking Boredom, instincts, excitement Mental stimulation, teach control, teach appropriate time to bark
Play biting Never taught bite inhibition, taken away too early from mother Teach appropriately, teach confidence
Marking Dominance, territorial, habit, hormones Proper leadership, correction at the appropriate split second, habit breaking
Excited and nervous piddle Over excitement, lack of confidence Control and or confidence
Eating bowel movements Habit, mineral deficiency, better nutrition Habit breaking, diagnosis, proper nutrition


Behavioral Problems Potential Causes Proven Solutions
Door bolting Lack of control, leadership, no boundaries Control, teach appropriate time to exit
Trash diving Boredom, hunger, no boundaries Mental stimulation, proper nutrition, teach control and boundaries
Mounting Dominance, excitement, possessiveness Leadership, control
Excessive licking Boredom, habit, medical issue Mental stimulation, habit breaking, diagnose and treat

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