While you might see obedience training as a punishment for your dog, he sees it as an opportunity for mental stimulation, challenge, learning, and fun. The Dog Wizard can help your dog learn obedience at your Nashville home or at an individual or group session at our facility.


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Your dog uses aggression as a way to escape a situation; it is not his natural state of mind. Our Nashville dog trainers can help your dog learn non-aggressive behaviors so that he becomes a better and happier companion.

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Separation Anxiety

When you leave for the day, your dog might feel insecure and afraid to be alone, which manifests itself as separation anxiety. At Dog Wizard, we love to help dogs regain their confidence and overcome their separation anxiety.

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No matter what behavioral issue your dog exhibits, our obedience programs at Dog Wizard will teach your old dog new tricks. Once we work through your dog’s behavioral issues, we will show you how to respond when your dog acts out.

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Give your dog a great life by being in control!

Go for relaxing walks

Go for relaxed walks: Let him take in the scenery and smell the fresh air, as you loosen your grip on the leash.

Dine in Restaurants:

When your dog is under control, he’ll be welcome at many restaurants!

Play at the Park:

The park is made for a well-controlled dog who is under control and able to play!

Attract the right attention:

Let your dog enjoy an abundance of love when he acts right!